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At ASRF Shielding Solutions, we excel in providing specialized RF shielding for medical and data rooms like MRI and CT suites. Our solutions ensure maximum safety and functionality.

We also specialize in interior design, creating spaces that are not only secure but aesthetically pleasing, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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At ASRF Shielding Solutions, we provide a thorough and efficient process to meet your RF shielding needs. Our services begin with a detailed site inspection, include precise civil work for machinery handling, build out of robust RF shielded rooms, bespoke interior planning, and conclude with rigorous testing and certification for maximum safety.

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We provide specialized RF shielding solutions for CT Scan Rooms, MRI Imaging Rooms, and Data Centers, ensuring safety and efficiency wherever RF protection is essential.

CT Scan

In our CT Scan Room solutions, we implement advanced RF shielding techniques to protect against radiation, coupled with customized interior designs that enhance both safety and operational effciency

MRI Scan

Our MRI Room offerings include state-of-the-art RF shielding for optimal safety, complemented by tailored interior layouts that maximize both functionality and patient comfort.

Data Centres

For Data Centres, we provide robust RF shielding to secure sensitive data and equipment, while our interior solutions ensure an organized, efficient, and modern workspace.

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