Service we offer

MRI Rooms

We specialize in creating MRI rooms with advanced RF shielding for optimal safety and functionality, ensuring a secure environment for both patients and equipment.

PET Scan Rooms

Our PET Scan Room solutions focus on precision shielding to protect against radiation, while also offering bespoke interior designs for a comfortable and efficient setting.

CT Scan Rooms

For CT Scan Rooms, we provide tailored RF shielding to safeguard against harmful rays, coupled with interior layouts that enhance operational efficiency and patient comfort.

Data Rooms

Our Data Room services include robust RF shielding to protect sensitive data and equipment, complemented by interior designs that optimize space utilization and workflow.

All Types of Shielding Rooms

We offer comprehensive shielding solutions for various types of rooms, ensuring each is equipped with the appropriate level of protection and customized to meet specific needs.

Interior Solutions

Our interior solutions blend aesthetics with functionality, offering a range of options for flooring, walls, and ceilings to create spaces that are both secure and visually appealing